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Living Room Coffin

by Michael Sarrow

A woman’s quiet life turns upside down when she receives an empty coffin in the mail. She sets off on a journey to find out who sent it and why.

The Drama Club

by Joe McClean

In a twisted maze of ex-lovers, old grudges, and new spouses, friends who haven’t seen each other in 20 years fall down a rabbit hole of alcohol-fueled bad decisions.

Multiplex 10

by Gordon McAlpin

Meet the movie-loving and customer-weary staff of the Multiplex 10 Cinemas. Kurt is an usher, pining for that special someone to share his love of horror movies. The newest hire, Jason, is a film snob who just needs a freakin’ job, okay? Despite their differences, the pair will make fast friends — unless they kill each other first.


by Rebekah Higgs

Watch as savvy Do-It-Yourself Mom, Rebekah Higgs, turns her very first house into a very loving home for her daughter Lennon. Part home reno show, part family comedy, DIY Mom invites you over for some helpful design tips, hilarious first-home-moments, and a storybook ending you’ll never forget.

So That Happened

by Matkai Burmaster

A heartwarming new LGBTQ comedy series about love, family and being who you truly are. When Jess meets her boyfriend Zac’s family, she learns how functional a dysfunctional family can be.

Extreme Actor

by Tony Babcock

Follow Tony Babcock as he takes his acting preparation to an extreme level by preparing for roles, meeting the amazing people behind the characters, and pushing the limits to walk, run & jump in someone else’s shoes!

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Creator of Extreme Actor

Erica Hargreave

Creator of Naturally Ours

Matkai Burmaster

Creator of So That Happened

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